Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (MEGA POST)

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (MEGA POST)

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There’s seven steps…….seven steps that I would take if I were to start today to scale me from zero to 30,000 a month profit as quickly and as soon as possible.

Now the one disclaimer I want to say is these numbers, 30,000 a month with affiliate marketing profit is equivalent to about 150,000 a month with Amazon FBA or dropshipping, why?

Because those two methods or online business models have an average of a 20% profit margin.

Now obviously you know that’s not, there’s no hard and fast rule. Some people, maybe they have a 30% profit margin, maybe some people only have a 10% profit margin.

Maybe some people have as high as a 40% profit margin which would be amazing but if you subtract the cost of the actual goods, the expenses and then there’s shipping and then there’s fees and then there’s advertising costs.

At the end of the day you’re usually left with about a 20% profit margin so any number that you see online for you know, Shopify dropshipping or Amazon FBA, divide that number by five and that’s generally your profit and that’s just what I’ve personally experienced talking to seven figure Amazon sellers.

Those are the numbers that they gave me so obviously you know, this is just a general rule of thumb, it’s not hard and fast but basically, 30,000 a month with affiliate marketing with you know a 96% profit margin is somewhere around 150k a month with Amazon FBA or dropshipping so I just want to throw that out there, this level that we’re talking about is high, it’s insane, most people, most affiliate marketers are never going to see these kind of numbers in their entire lives.

Now the seven step to affiliate profits

Find Batman….I Mean a Mentor

So my first step if I were to start today and I don’t know anything and I want to get into affiliate marketing, my first step is to find and invest in a successful mentor who has the lifestyle that you want.

Alright so I told you guys, I warned you guys, you’re not going to like some of these steps.

There’s a lot of people who they’re going to hear this, they’re going to be like aw, you know mentor, you know having to you know invest and stuff like you know buy courses and read books and stuff like that.

I get a mentor, I follow a plan. I follow a plan and I don’t, you know, I don’t waste any time on trying to learn all this crap myself when someone else has already made all the mistakes and I can learn from their mistakes rather than my own.

Alright guys so that’s the first step, invest in a mentor. I’m going to just give you guys a quick analogy real quick to cap off this point right here.

So I was at a restaurant called Bavette’s, earlier last week and Bavette’s, has this dessert, this dessert is a chocolate cream pie, I saved a picture right here if you guys can see, hopefully this can get in focus but this is a chocolate cream pie.

It is the best dessert that I have ever tasted in my life and I’m usually not really a big fan of dessert but this thing was absolutely divine. I mean I would get this every single week if I could. If you know, if it wasn’t that unhealthy but basically this chocolate cream pie is the best tasting thing I’ve ever had.

Now my analogy is, if you were to give me all the ingredients to create this chocolate cream pie, you gave me all the ingredients, all the right ingredients and then you threw me here in the kitchen and you know, I’m not a chef, I’m not a professional chef, I’m not even an amateur chef, honestly I suck at cooking.

I don’t really know too much about it, you know I know how to make some chicken, some broccoli, some potatoes but I definitely wouldn’t know how to bake something like that so if you were to give me all the ingredients, you know, give me all the ingredients and then I was to just throw it together in a pan or something and then I was just going to pop it in the oven and you know I don’t know anything about baking so let’s say I do 200 degrees for 35 minutes right and then I get the cake out and it’s just a pile of goo, alright.

So right there is basically what a lot of people try to do is they try to get the ingredients together by watching a bunch of you know, free videos but if you don’t have the recipe, if you’re missing the award winning recipe, then you’re not going to get the result that you’re searching for and it’s as simple as that.

You can have all the right ingredients in the world, you can have the best ingredients however if you don’t know how to put it together, if you don’t know how to actually make it all work, you’re not going to get the results and that’s basically what I’m trying to show you guys in this first point in investing in a mentor is you don’t have to fuss around with you know, trial and error and making mistakes but instead if you just follow this guy right here who’s already been where you’re at and he can take you to where you want to go, then you save so much time, money and effort by you know cutting that learning curve by half or more.

So that’s the first tip right there honestly. It’s the most important one.

If we’re talking about how to get results as soon as possible and save time, money, stress, frustration and headaches, then you’ve got to follow number one.

Now the people who don’t believe in this, who are going to see this and they’re going to ignore it, you already lost, you already lost the game because there are people out there who are going to be willing to invest and the thing is, it’s 2018, affiliate marketing is starting to get hot right now, it’s been around for ages but it’s just starting to get super popular.

Build a Business, Not Just a Campaign (Long-term Vs. Short-term)

The competition is getting increasingly difficult every single day and the more competition you have the less chance of success you have ’cause these same people who are getting into the game today are referring the same products and services that you’ll be selling and if they have a six, seven figure mentor by their side, you’re not going to stand a chance and that’s just the way it goes, so number one, invest in a mentor.
Let’s move onto the next tip right here. So number is two is going to be, you want to create an affiliate marketing business, and not a campaign.

You want to create an affiliate marketing business over a campaign so I get a lot of people who you know they’re new to affiliate marketing and they think that basically the only way to do affiliate marketing is you know you create your ClickFunnels account, you know you get some offers off of Clickbank and then you drive traffic from Facebook to your landing page on ClickFunnels and you hope and pray that people will purchase your 40, 50, hundred dollar product on Clickbank and you get the commission.

Now honestly that’s the way that traditional affiliate marketing has worked for many, many, many years however it’s 2018, things are a little different.

People are so skeptical to buy stuff online these days. The statistic is that it takes people an average of seven times of encountering your brand or your product before they make a purchase with real money.

So just based on that alone, if you’re sending traffic to you know, this landing page and they’ve never heard of your product and you know they’ve never seen it before, they’ve never heard of your website, your brand, the chance of them actually buying something is close to nil, zero, alright.

Basically you want to create an affiliate marketing business instead. Now what is an affiliate marketing business? It’s a website. It’s a website, it’s a YouTube channel, it’s a platform where you can build trust and you can build an audience much easier than just sending them to some random, strange landing page that they’ve never seen before so let me give you guys a real life example, one of my favorite examples for an affiliate marketing business and this one is one that I actually, personally is I look up to.

It’s I’m going to hop in the computer right here, the so I’ll show you guys right here what an affiliate marketing business, a successful one looks like.

So check it out, this is Pat Flynn with This is a guy who earns six figures per month from affiliate marketing and not only that, he shares his income reports with the world so these income reports, they literally show you where he’s earning his affiliate earnings from.

Totally spread out and he gives you the number for each and every one of these companies so if I scroll down, scroll down, you guys can see here. Income breakdown, gross income, affiliate earnings.

He earned over $50,000 in a single month just from affiliate earnings so that’s just from these links guys.

That’s just from having a blog that talks about affiliate marketing and then he has links to all of these products and services around like, all over his page and if you click it as you guys can see, there’s tracking on each of these links and he earns commission, all these web services and products online so that’s basically in the affiliate marketing business is he has a blog that gets million of hits per month, people who are looking to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and learn how to make money online and passively, that’s the whole of and he happens to share his income reports and shows you all the products and services that he earns the money from.

Now there’s nothing wrong with campaigns and in fact you’re going to see later in this post that I’m actually a huge fan of paid traffic however that shouldn’t be your primary business model because if you’re just trying to you know, create these campaigns, that’s kinda like get rich quick type stuff and honestly you know aside from that, it’s also just like you’re working. It’s not passive income anymore if you’re working all the time in order to you know, get sales, get commissions, I’d rather have something that you know, is a website, that is up online, that doesn’t have to spend for advertising in order to make money.

That’s personally how I do affiliate marketing and that’s how I’ve been so successful but other people, they’re chasing campaigns, they’re chasing the quick cash and campaigns die all the time. You have to constantly redo and re-optimize and test campaigns over and over and over again whereas if you had a real business that gets organic traffic you know by ranking on Google and getting linked to from all sorts of other websites and stuff like that, then you don’t really have to worry about creating the next new campaign you know every single week.

Content is King

So number three, let’s move on. Alright guys so number three, my number three tip would be create content. Create content that sells alright.

So this kind of ties in with the business idea of basically when you’re selling stuff with affiliate marketing you need to create content that sells and if i were to start today I would invest all of my efforts, 100% into video, I would invest it into creating video content so that includes YouTube for example.

So wrapping up point number three, create video content because it converts better than every single other form of media or medium out there and I’ve tested virtually every single sort of you know media and video by far converts the easiest so honestly if you could create videos, if you could start a YouTube channel and just make videos as much as possible, then that right there is a key tip because it’s going to set you apart from you know I showed you smart passive income which is a blog right and he’s doing incredibly well however if you want to sort of leapfrog in 2018 then you need to go to video and move over to a platform like YouTube so that you can get more organic views and it’s just easier to digest, it’s easier to sell.

Paid Traffic

Videos honestly just, the way of the future, if not already the way that’s happening right so number three is video. Number four, let’s move on.

Number four is going to be paid traffic. So this right here is the answer to so many of your guys’ questions. One of the number one questions I get almost every single day is what is the best way to get traffic, how do I get traffic, do you need a following to do affiliate marketing so my answer to all of that is paid traffic and you don’t need a following to do affiliate marketing.

That right there is a fact that you really don’t need to have thousands upon thousands of YouTube subscribers, you don’t need a million Instagram followers to do affiliate marketing.

Obviously having a following helps, it helps a lot especially if your following is extremely targeted in your niche which you’ve created an affiliate marketing business in however if you don’t have any of that, don’t worry because paid traffic is a thing, it exists and is the answer to all of your prayers so paid traffic is basically investing in anything like Facebook advertising and Google AdWords and you know Bing ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, any sort of advertising that you pay for, that’s you know, known as paid traffic.

Basically you gotta pay to play and if you don’t have a following, no one is going to be watching your videos, they’re not going to be you know, reading your blog articles, they’re not going to be visiting your website unless you pay for it and you know, it sucks because that’s just, you know the way that it goes when you’re starting out and you don’t have a following.

Once you get a following, you could just start creating content and publishing content on a weekly or daily basis and you’re going to be getting views, it’s going to keep growing organically however when you’re just starting out, you have to pay for it and even, not just when you’re starting out but when things are rolling, you want to reinvest in the paid traffic so you can get more and more and more customers to you know, add on to your list of sales, your email lists etc.

So paid traffic is honestly the life blood for your company. Obviously you know sales in the foundation but if you invest in paid traffic, then that’s one way to continue to get new customers every single day, new looks, you know new views, new visits every single day when you don’t have a following so paid traffic you have to invest in that.

It’s the only way to you know, get views when you don’t have a following and also scale up further and further and further when you keep reinvesting your earnings into paid traffic so you can gain more customers so paid traffic is something that you know everyone needs to invest in and honestly like, it’s the way to go so you need to learn how to use that correctly whatever, you know model you choose whether it’s Facebook ads, AdWords or whatever, you need to learn how to use that effectively because also with paid traffic is, if you don’t know how to create a campaign that’s going to you know, be successful, then you’re going to be wasting a lot of your money as well but regardless, you know it’s a numbers game and if you’re getting more numbers, if you’re getting more eyeballs, that should result in more clicks and hopefully more sales at the end of the day, alright.

Rank for FREE Traffic

Let’s move onto number five. Now this is extremely important. It goes hand in hand with the business is you want to rank.

Number five is you want to rank your content on Google and/or YouTube as much as possible so this is a very important tip. It’s something that you know there are some videos online but me, I’m actually someone who does know how to rank, I’m actually an expert in ranking on YouTube and Google so let me just show you guys a quick example of what I’m talking about.

Take a review for an Audio-Technica ATH-M50x review, it’s one of the most popular headphones being sold online. I actually have my pair right here as you guys can see, it’s got some skiz on it, it’s look a little different from when I got it but basically, these are an extremely, extremely popular pair of headphones.

Now why do I suggest people to create an affiliate marketing business? Now this is the reason why.

When you know how to rank your content whether it’s a video, it’s a blog article on Google, on YouTube, you continue to get massive amounts of organic traffic, traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

It’s completely organic because Google and YouTube, is rewarding your video or your content by showing it on that first page if not, you know the number one or number two result on that first page so that right there is a key tip, is you have to rank your content so that you can get that organic traffic in addition to getting the paid traffic.

Those two together is what results in basically massive momentum and just higher numbers for your website, for your content which will result in more sales ultimately so let’s move onto number six, let’s keep it going.

Email Marketing = SUPER secret weapon

Alright guys so step six is email marketing. Now if you guys have been watching videos on YouTube, if you guys have been you know, watching any sort of videos relating to marketing, internet marketing online, you know that email marketing is something that’s hyped up by a lot of people and you know I agree with them that email marketing is really, it’s a really crucial tool that you can use for your affiliate marketing business specifically because one of the drawbacks with affiliate marketing is that you actually, you know, you refer people to products and services however you aren’t selling your own products and services.

Now the problem with this is that you give customers to companies however you don’t have the customers yourself unless you capture them through email marketing or through you know creating a business.

Now email marketing again, it’s all a part of having an affiliate marketing business rather than just a campaign ’cause a campaign, you know you send people to a landing page and basically you try and sell them something.

You’d be smart to incorporate some email marketing so include an email often to capture that email because if someone’s interested in your product, they’re in your niche, they’re in that industry and they’re interested in other products, services etc.

So with email marketing what you can do is you can capture your customers number one but then number is you can re-market to them in the future. You can send them emails basically promoting other products and services.

You can you know promote discounts, sales for let’s say something like a Black Friday sale.

You can create an order responder series where you know you can show people, basically give them like a free guide or something but then you know put your affiliate links in that so let me just show you guys my website one more time so RecordingNow as you guys can see here, the first thing you have on the homepage, is I actually have an email option.

So this email right here is to capture, capture my audience so that whether regardless of if they buy something from me or not today, perhaps in the future I will get a chance to re-market to them and then eventually sell them something down the line, eventually ’cause again, it takes someone an average of seven times of encountering your brand or your product or your website before they actually make a purchase and trust you so you have to build that rapport and one cool way to do it is through email marketing which is tried and true and it’s something which you can take with you whatever happens to your business, whatever happens to let’s say your website, your YouTube channel.

If you have your email list, you can still contact those same people who are interested in your business, your product or service and in your niche. So number six is email marketing.

Now we got one more step to go. Alright guys so our seventh and final step in this process is let me just show you guys right here, apologize for the handwriting but basically, as with any sort of investments and business, number seven is diversify.

So if anyone has studied you know investments and you know portfolios and stuff, diversification is a great way to not only minimize your risk but you know hopefully, just basically maximize, maximize profits while mitigating or minimizing your risks as much as possible and the same holds true for affiliate marketing and let me tell you why this is really important aside from providing additional income sources from offering multiple products and services but there’s one drawback to affiliate marketing that is you know, it’s really bad if you think about it and it’s something that you want to avoid as much as possible and that is basically putting all your eggs in one basket because here’s the thing.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t own the products or services so you don’t actually, you know you don’t own the products or services, you don’t really own the customers which is why I say as much as possible to you know, capture their emails and to create a business ’cause the thing is at the end of the day, you actually are not in control in terms of the, who cuts the paychecks and the commissions because at the end of the day, the company whose products and services you promote, they’re the ones who are paying your paychecks and you know this has happened sometimes in the past where somebody, they just go all in with a company but overnight the company just shuts it doors or it, you know, basically decides hey, you know what, we’re going to pay you half as much for your commissions as we did before in the past and they could literally do this overnight and you don’t have any control over it because you don’t own the products or services, they do so they get to make the rules for the affiliate program, for the products, for the commissions so number seven, you know diversify.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Not only should you diversify in terms of you know, the companies that you promote, the products or services that you promote but at the same time you know, you want to minimize that risk as much as possible so you know, as an affiliate marketer, you are basically a salesman until you become a real company, until you become a real business because if you’re just referring all these products and services, you’re getting these commissions, you know you want to make sure that you’re building assets in the process.

Now people who just build campaigns, they don’t build assets. They are just professional salespeople and there’s nothing wrong with that, you can make a lot of money however you can’t really sell, you can’t really sell a campaign. You can sell a business, you can sell a website, you know you can sell assets like that but you can’t really just sell a campaign because that’s temporary, it’s short-term, you know you haven’t built any assets, you haven’t built any assets so number seven, diversify.

One way that I really want to drive this point home and also give you guys the flip side of it is not only are you minimizing your risk but you can maximize your profit.

Now this is where the fun begins guys. So basically if you promote one product and it’s doing well, let’s say it’s making 3,000, $5,000 a month. Don’t just stop there.

You want to keep increasing and if you can, I would either offer more products and services that are you know similar to the product or service that you promote or I would also do this.

I would offer bundles or you know tertiary or secondary products which add-on or can be as accessories to that first product.

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