Find The Perfect Blog Topic Using Ahrefs

Find The Perfect Blog Topic Using Ahrefs

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In this post you're gonna learn how to use Ahrefs to find the perfect keyword for your next blog topic idea. This is exactly how I went from zero to over 1,000 daily visitors in less than 6 months. And if you're already reading the blog post and you skipped the section on blog topic ideas, what are you doing?! Quit skipping sections! Let's get started.

Alright let's dive right into it; so, head over to your Ahrefs account. If you don't have one you can also use Google Keyword planner, but I prefer Ahrefs because it's more accurate and it also gives you keyword difficulty information: how difficult it is to rank for a given keyword. And it gives you so much other stuff it's just a really amazing tool. Head over to Ahrefs and go to your keywords Explorer tab. Now on this page you're gonna want to type in your general broad match keywords so for example sticking to our SEO case study for this post on RV accessories my general topic idea was just kind of must have RV accessories or cool RV gadgets. I didn't really have a defined keyword so I just started with the general broad match RV accessories and then searched for that. Now quick word of warning you're typically not going to target the first keyword that you try so keep that in mind I just happen to really love the idea of the keyword and it just worked out really well so I got lucky there but it'll bring you to this overview page and here it's going to show you your search volume (that's how many searches your keyword gets per month).

It also shows your return rate which is just how many people returned to the search page after clicking on a result so if I clicked on the position one result and then I hit the back button that would count as a return rate. Clicks are the number of actual clicks that go on the search results so if they type something in and then click that's a click whereas if they type something in and don't click it doesn't show up here Ahrefs also shows you the breakdown paid versus organic; so 63% of the clicks for RV accessories go to the organic results and it'll show you the trend over time Then keyword difficulty is the big one here so this says it's a twenty eight and that goes on a scale of zero all the way to 100 Basically, that's Ahrefs way of saying how many backlinks you'll need from other websites in order to get on page one of Google so it says you'll need backlinks from about thirty three websites to rank in the top ten for this keyword.

Keep in mind it's not 100% accurate, because my article has 138 backlinks but only from 31 unique websites so maybe because I have multiple backlinks from each website that pushes this number down, maybe because of my overall domain Authority there's lots of things that could change that but generally this is pretty accurate. So from this page in order to find keyword ideas we're gonna go over here where it says keyword ideas. All of these different things are different ideas you can get so if you click on ''All' it'll give you everything. Typically I find that if you click on 'All' it gives you too much stuff and it's too irrelevant, so I like to do either 'Phrase match' or 'Having same terms' or 'Also rank for' or 'Search suggestions' individually and look at them one by one, because it's typically more accurate that way and this newly-discovered that's actually new I haven't even used that yet so we're gonna check that out so I'm assuming this is just stuff that's newly discovered from October to December by Ahrefs, so simple enough; pretty cool, but I like to go into the 'Phrase match' for the first search.

So that's going to give you, literally it'll have that exact keyword in there so it has RV accessories in that order in every single one, so it'll show you the keyword difficulty it'll show you the cost per click. A high cost per click by the way is a good thing because it typically means that people are willing to pay more to get clicks when someone searches that keyword which means they're making money from it so that's always a good thing to target and it shows you the monthly search volume again the number of clicks and CPS and RR; I wouldn't worry about that stuff too much, that's the return rate and then the parent topic is the keyword that's kind of like the biggest baddest keyword you can target it gets the most searches per month but it's also typically the most difficult to rank for, so in this case I got lots of ideas. We've got boat and RV accessories - that's ok. Best RV accessories; that's actually the original keyword I was targeting and then realized that just RV accessories was a better one to target.

So RV accessories must have fun RV accessories. These are all good topic ideas. Fun RV accessories you have to have this summer or must-have RV accessories that every RV owner needs. Use these as a way to refine your topic idea to be more pointed and more focused on your primary keyword. You can go through 'having same terms' which has "rv" and "accessories" but not necessarily in that order. "RV kitchen accessories" could be a good article idea. "RV camping accessories". You get the idea here you're basically just looking for the best keyword that fits in with the topic idea that you have so you can refine it and focus on one keyword.

Then, once you're done with that, you're gonna do LSI keyword research, whichyou can learn more about here.

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