Guest Posting for Backlinks in 2018

Guest Posting for Backlinks in 2018

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If you ever tried outsourcing guest posting then you know that this stuff is really expensive.

This is why today I’m going to show you how you can do it all by yourself for free

So stayed tuned all the way to the end.

I’m going to show you the exact strategy and there will be no sales pitch at the end whatsoever.

What are you going to learn today?

First of all, what is guest posting?

Then we go over to guest posting essentials. These are the things you will need to consider when doing guest posting for your website.

Third, pros and cons of guest posting.

Just like anything out there guest posting has its own advantages and disadvantages, so I’ll show you and explain you all of them.

Last but not least, we’ll go to this exact thing that you probably are waiting for

This is guest posting do it yourself at scale, with these 10 simple steps

So now we’re fully ready, and we’re going to this first section

What is Guest Posting? Guest posting also called guest blogging is a type of blogger outreach, given that a guest post is an article you would post on somebody else’s website in order to tap into a relevant audience and get a link back to your own website.

Guest posting is considered to be a white hat link building technique.

Yes, it’s a type of blogger outreach and yes, you get a linkback.

However, first and foremost guest posting is a way of building authority.

This brings me to the next part.

Guest Posting Essentials

First of all, when you do guest posting you should remember to only get in touch with real websites.

That means that if a website is not real, it looks fake, it looks shady, or it accepts any kind of guest posts out there, you don’t want to mess with it, like seriously.

Only relevancy, quality, that’s what really counts.

The website must be relevant to your business so if you are in supplements business, and you found a guest posting opportunity on a finance blog then guess what? This makes no sense because the website is not relevant, even if it’s high authority.

Yes, the next step is high authority.

Domain 35+

Domain authority 35+ is what I recommend is the absolute minimum if you’re using Moz’s metrics and if you’re using Ahrefs, something over 40, 45, that will be a good way to start good target metric to target with your outreach campaign.

By the way, never pay for a guest post unless it’s a sponsored post.

If it’s a sponsored post, however the link that you are getting in return it should be no follow, so that Google is aware that this stuff is paid and all you are doing is just building this brand awareness or maybe getting the traffic in return.

This brings me to the next section.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Guest Posting.

As I said, guest posting is a really white hat and really great way to do this blogger outreach.

That’s why it has the following advantages.

First of all, it’s easy to scale.

I ask you to stayed tuned because I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it yourself at scale, at home without spending the crazy money that all these websites, including my own are asking for.

So, it’s an authority builder, yes.

If you find the right blog to target, and you create an amazing guest post.

Then you publish it out there, sometimes you can become an authority overnight.

It’s really crazy the way it works, and you can get clients from there and people just know you.

If you target all the industry, of all the websites in the industry then you’re going to become just that, an authority.

Of course, guest posting also improves your domain, and domain authority and domain rating.

If a very reputable and relevant website links back to yours then the authority of your website goes up.

That means that you also start ranking better for different keywords that you have on your website.

So guest posting does this.

Also, the great thing about targeting relevant websites is that it gets you traffic.

That is very important for you to understand because you don’t want to be publishing guest posts just for the sake of a link.

Again, the websites that you target must be relevant to yours.

Yes, you want that linkback.

Yes, you want to improve the domain authority of your website, but it’s not just about that.

It should be relevant to the website and this is how you get traffic.

This is how you get those people from the different audience that you are tapping into using the guest posting outreach.

This is what gets you traffic. Beside that you also get this brand exposure.

It depends, sometimes you might have between five to eight interactions before your potential clients become your clients.

So this is why, if they are aware about your brand before even going to your website then the chances of them buying something there, the chances of them becoming your clients and subscribing to your service or buying your products go up.

This is why brand exposure, especially including your company name, or your website name in the anchor text, this is really important.

You will also be able to build subscribers.

If you are capable of catching that increased traffic from that relevant website that you posted the guest post on, the amount of subscribers you will receive will also go up.

This is why you need to leverage them and include different pop-up forums and all sorts of lead capturing magnets all over your website in order to increase your subscribers in case something happens with Google ranking algorithm.

Things happen, catch the subscribers.

Of course, last but not least, I already mentioned it previously, but I want to pay special attention to this one.

Clients, is the last thing that a good guest post will bring to you.

Of course, you care about domain authority.

Of course, you care about traffic, but one thing that you care about the most is your clients.

A good guest post that comes from a relevant website is capable of doing just that.

It will bring you more clients and help your business to grow.

This is my goal by the way, my goal is to help grow your business.

Having said all this, guest posting has its disadvantages.

So here’s the three disadvantages that I consider, this that you need to have.

Guest posting gets manipulated.

It comes from both the publishers and the guest posters themselves.

If you work to submit the guest post then do not try to be manipulative.

Do not try to include a link to your product page unless it makes sense to do so.

Guest post is a supplementary thing to your website.

So for example, if you have an article about.

If you are a supplement website, and you sell whey protein then if you have an article about whey protein, then you are doing a guest post on the whey protein then you should absolutely linkback to your article on whey protein.

You shouldn’t just go directly and link to your product page, unless it makes absolutely sense, and unless you make it 100% clear on your guest post because sometimes for example, just try to think about when it would be most relevant.

For example, if your whey protein product has some kind of unique ingredient that you are actually covering with the guest post and it so unique that there is no other option on the market, then you absolutely can include a link to your product range.

A link to that unique type of protein.

However, if you try to be shady and use misleading anchor text to linkback to your guest post, hopefully the editors will notice this, and they will stop this because guess what? It harms everybody in the industry and everybody’s traffic gets manipulated.

Guess what? It just depends on the time that Google will find out about this.

They are constantly tinkering their algorithm.

That’s why you should never, never pay for links unless you clearly mention that in the post itself.

If it’s sponsored post, then it’s totally fine.

It brings me to the next disadvantage of guest posting.

Writing is time consuming, and I’m as well going to put the third one right away.

A mail exchange can be laborious.

Guest posting has two components.

First component is this email exchange.

This is when you need to establish the connection with the website that you’re interested in, where you would like to have a post.

Then this takes time.

Sometimes it takes a few emails.

People reply, they don’t reply right away.

Sometimes you have to wait for three days, four days, five days.

Sometimes they reply in two weeks.

When it finally comes to writing, so this is when you already agree on the guest post you are going to write, writing is also time consuming because even if you want to provide something of value then you will take your time.

By the way, this is the only thing I recommend you.

If you are in the long-term business, and you should be, you shouldn’t be looking for quick ways and cutting corners, then writing for somebody doing a great job for somebody will pay big time for your business in the future.

Writing that way is time consuming, especially these days when blogs do not accept 500 or 600 word articles.

Many times the minimum they would be asking for is 800 or even more frequently, 1,000 words.

Sometimes I see guest post guidelines that dictate 2,000 words as a minimum.

So you can imagine it becomes harder and harder for the good reason to submit a guest post, so this indeed takes time.

It is a labor intensive type of work.

So with all these pros and cons it’s time to move on to the next part.

Guest Posting: Do It Yourself at Scale: The 10 Steps

Right now, I’m quickly going to go over these 10 steps of creating a guest posting service for your own website and do it yourself at scale.

Once I’m finished going over the steps I’m going to Google, and I’m going to show you exactly what you need to be doing.

Okay? Ready? Let’s do it.

  • Step 1: Create a spreadsheet where you are going to record all the information

In this spreadsheet you are going to use things like the URL of the guest post that you have found.

If there are any guidelines you also need to take care of that.

You will include the contact information.

You will include the name of the person that runs the website and maybe a few other details.

So the spreadsheet is essential for keeping things organized.

I recommend you start the right way from the very beginning.

  • Step 2: Then you will need to download and install Moz’s Chrome bar or if you have Ahrefs subscription, which I highly recommend as tool, as a SEO tool, you would need Ahrefs SEO toolbar

Sometimes in order to see the metrics you need to refresh the page and do it a few times.

Right now I’m using Ahrefs SEO tool bar, and I recommend you use the same.

I will have all the links, by the way, in the description, in the show notes right below.

Going to the next step.

  • Step 3: Use advanced operators in Google to find guest post opportunities

What I’m talking about here is that everything on Google has its own footprints.

In most of the cases you can find these footprints.

If you find these footprints then you find the guest post opportunities.

I’m going to show you how that works in a second.

  • Step 4: Find the first 10 leads

The thing is, you would want to batch the processes in order to make them more effective and spend less time on them.

We’re going to look for batches of leads and then doing consecutive activities with them.

That’s why I only recommend beginning with 10 leads.

Generally, with guest posting you would find a relatively high conversion rates because everybody wants quality articles and everybody would be interested in posting something on their website that is truly engaging. After all, producing content requires time, effort and sometimes money.

You would find the first 10 leads and then move on

  • Step 5: Find the contact details and record them in the spreadsheet

Everything is quite easy here, and you will see how I do that in a second

  • Step 6: Write an outreach email and contact these 10 leads

Also, quite simple here.

I will show you now a quick email that I use, that you will use to contact these 10 guys.

Then we move to the seven.

Step 7: Wait for replies

Sometimes, as I said, it can take up to a few days to get the replies, but eventually they will start pouring in.

So just be patient and wait a little bit.

Before you are patience and if you are not getting any replies follow up with them.

  • Follow up

This is really important because we are super busy.

We are overloaded by information.

Yes, you must be insistent very often in order to get your message through, so follow up and do it quite a few times.

I recommend following up for a minimum of three times, sometimes four, sometimes five.

So do it until you hear a clear, “No ”

  • Step 9: Negotiate the details

This is when things like a content plan comes in.

Oh by the way, if you have found guest posting guidelines then still clarify with the webmaster.

Maybe they know that there isn’t anymore, and they might have been updated.

Just make sure everything is in order.

Understand where you can post your link.

What kind of content can you link to.

All the other details.

Make sure that everything makes sense to you before you move any further.

  • Step 10: Submit the guest post

Then repeat steps 3 to 10

With these 10 steps now you are ready.

Here is your guest posting campaign, and you can do this on a monthly basis.

Generally speaking, any website, if it’s a small, medium enterprise will be fine with around 15 to 30 links per month.

Of course, sometimes you may have a little bit less backlinks, sometimes a little bit more, but there you have it!

Finding 15 guest post opportunities a month is not that much, even with 30% conversion, 3 out of these 10 leads you would have already three guest post opportunities, if not five.

So you can imagine, to get 15 quality backlinks from high domain authority, domain rating websites, easy.

So I hope this really helps.

Now, with all this I’m going to move on to the real thing.

I’m going to wrap up with this and go and have a quick summary

Today we learned that guest postings are scalable, white hat building technique

It has its own advantages

It has its disadvantages and you need to be aware of them

However, if you just focus on this

If you are focused on genuinely helping people and building your business in the long run

Providing people around you, not just your clients, but all the stakeholders, literally everybody you interact with, with value, then you can’t go wrong

You provide people with value, don’t be try to be sneaky, scammy or spammy

Then everything is going to work with you in the long run

This is what

I don’t know, I think that’s the best and to work in the long run

Use the 10 steps to organize guest posting for your own website

I hope this helps

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